Outputs and Results

Project STRATUS involves diving into the deep cultural history of the Downpatrick Head site in Ballycastle, County Mayo, Ireland. We will combine the historical and cultural data of the site with the examination of the effects of coastal erosion at the site overtime.

We aim to use Virtual Reality technologies to create an interactive application to allow visitors at the site to engage with the history of their surroundings, as well as providing an opportunity for tourists and Mayo diaspora to visit the site virtually and enjoy the rich cultural and natural heritage of the site from anywhere in the world.

Milestone 1:

  • First Partner Meeting, Site Visit & Associated Reports:

    • Including all main project partners and associated partners from Mayo County Council in Ireland, St Andrew's University in Scotland, Ulster University in Northern Ireland, and the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute in Iceland. 
    • A tour of the site for all partners. 
    • Meeting minutes.
    • Project plans and outputs.

  • Stakeholder Survey & Results: 

    • Survey for project stakeholders.
    • Analyse survey results and feedback.
    • Stakeholder public consultation. 
    • Liaising with local community groups. 

Milestone 2:

Toolkit and Best Practice Guidelines for Application:

  • Instructions for setting up framework and importing content.
  • Source code for the application.
  • Toolkit (with resources to support the creation of the VR heritage app)

Milestone 3:

Final Prototype of Application:

  • Best practice guide for VR tours.
  • Prototype demonstrator. 
  • Survey of need.